Laser Alignment Services

Keeping your machine tools in good working order starts and ends with proper alignment. The value of this small investment cannot be overstated. Machine tools lacking proper alignment and pitch error compensation are not fully productive. Over time, these errors become magnified in faulty machine operation and substandard parts. Who can afford that?

Peiffer recommends a baseline reading of alignment for all service work and regular checks and adjustment as part of any ongoing preventive maintenance program. Recalibration, including a review of machine alignment, is also critical following any machine repair.

Setting Things Straight With Peiffer

Put Peiffer’s expertise and precision alignment tools to work for you. We offer the following services and equipment for your alignment needs:

  • Laser Compensation
  • Laser Alignment
  • Ball Bar Analysis
  • Machine Leveling
  • Machine Calibration
  • Machine Inspection
  • Baseline Analysis and Reporting
  • Digital Readouts (data and graphs)
  • Troubleshooting Problem Areas

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