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Machine Tool Moving & Installation

Moving machines safely with reliable results

Machine Tool Moving & Installation

Moving machines safely with reliable results

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Relocating a large, complex machine tool is much more than simply logistics. It requires specialized knowledge, experience, and attention to detail.

Whether moving a machine within the same shop floor, between buildings, or between plants in different states, trust the Peiffer Team to be there every step of the way to ensure the move happens safely, on-time, and with the best results for your production schedule.

Planning a Move

To prepare for the best possible outcome for moving a machine tool, it takes hours of planning, site inspections, and coordination. We will work with your facility’s team to ensure the new location is prepared – including the foundation, anchor points, electrical needs, and that there’s enough clearance for safely moving and positioning the machine in place.

Prior to the move, our team can also conduct a thorough evaluation of your machine tool, documenting its condition, recommending service or repairs needed, and backing up machine controls (if needed).

Moving a Machine Tool

When it is time to move your machine tool, our team excels at coordinating with all essential partners – from in-house facilities, rigging, and trucking (if needed). This includes coordinating schedules and communicating needs and issues as they arise.

Our team of machine tool experts will then power down and start disassembling the machine tool. We are meticulous about cataloging and labeling every part and connection, as well as packaging and stabilizing the machine/components for transportation. A thorough cleaning of the machine tool is also recommended and can occur as part of disassembly or after the move.

Post Move: Reassembly, Alignment, and Testing

After the move is complete, our team is tasked with returning the machine tool into functional order. This involves finalizing the machine’s position and then tie it into the foundation. After that we work on reassembly, cleaning (if needed), any necessary repairs, reload or restore programming, leveling and re-alignment, and a test run of the machine tool. At the end of the project, you can feel confident that your machine tool will be installed in its new location safely and ready for production.

Machine Tool Installation

Have you purchased a brand-new or “new to you” machine tool? Get expert help installing and setting up your equipment from the Peiffer Team. Our experts can assist in power-up, calibrate the machine tool using laser alignment, and train your team on how to operate and maintain it.

Get Expert Help Managing Your Next Machine Tool Move

Rely on our experienced team to manage every detail before, during, and after moving your machine tool.

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