Preventive Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance

Keep Your Machine Tools Operating at Peak Performance

At Peiffer, we believe that the key to maintaining machine “up time” is preventing “down time.”

Whether it is newly purchased or a long-serving workhorse, your machine tool will benefit from regular inspection and maintenance. Our trained ears, precision tools, and more than 60 years dedicated to working with machines provide the highest-quality service your maintenance budget dollars can buy.  


Our preventive maintenance inspection includes the following work:  

  • Check way lube, electrical, and mechanical systems for performance. 
  • Clean and lubricate the machine tool. 
  • Identify areas to watch for wear or misalignment. 
  • Provide a report of our findings, as well as any recommended repair work.  

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PM Program Options 

At Peiffer, we provide three levels of preventive maintenance programs to meet your needs and budget. Each program can be further customized for your machines and their maintenance needs. 


Way Lube System

Inspect filters
Inspect lines and fittings
Check operation
Verify lube/pump operation
Fill way lube tank

Electrical Systems

Check voltages
Inspect connections/terminals
Inspect elec-ground connections
Replace/clean fan filter
Check limit switches/safety locks
Inspect motor brushes, clean dust
Replace tool-change relays
Clean cabinet

Mechanical Systems

Check machine level
Verify spindle sweep
Check gear-shift operation
Check gearbox oil
Inspect drive belts
Clean/lubricate tool charger
Inspect spindle taper condition
Inspect way covers and wipers
Check drawbar retention
Inspect counterbalance system
Inspect lines, hoses & cables
Check spindle play
Check spindle orientation/alignment
Change spindle lube & air blast
Check tool change operation
Inspect rigid-tap encoder operation
Stone ways (box ways)
Change coolant/clean tank
Verify chip conveyer function

For Lathes Only

Check oil/filters (as equipped) in headstock & apron
Check tailstock quill play
Change oil/filters (as equipped) in hydraulic system
Verify turret/spindle alignment
Drain & replace oil in turret

For Mills Only

Change oils/filters (as equipped)
Fill way lube tank

Scheduled Maintenance to Avoid Downtime 

Through regular inspections and maintenance, you can hopefully avoid costly emergency repairs. Most machine tools benefit from PM service at least once a year. This schedule can be adapted based on a variety of factors, including the use of the machine, materials being run in the machine, climate, and the environment the machine is running in. PM service is recommended for all machine tools – regardless of age of the machine.  

For our PM work, we work within your schedule to inspect and service your machine tool. Many long-time Peiffer customers prefer to pre-arrange maintenance calls during plant shutdown times to minimize the impact on their operations.  

Peiffer’s Preventive Maintenance Tools 

Our machine tool experts rely on a variety of precision measurement equipment to ensure your tool is accurate, precise, and true.  

  • Over 100 different taper test bars 
  • Various high-precision standard and column levels 
  • Laser compensation 
  • Laser alignment 
  • Granite squares 
  • Precision parallel bars 
  • Ball bar 
  • Detailed service report 

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“I want to commend your team, Dave and Dan. They did an outstanding job. This was our first big preventive maintenance in house, so we had a few things to work out, and they worked well with us. They actually did each machine in about 1-1/2 days’ time, well below what we had allowed for. I am going to schedule another PM for these three machines in August.”– Another happy customer