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Safety Wins!

Staff wearing "Safety Begins With Me" shirts.

Unlike many other endeavors that are celebrated this time of year with soaring statistics and crazy hoopla (can you say Super Bowl? March Madness?), SAFETY scored the biggest win at Peiffer this past year with a (drumroll, please) score of…

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Master Scraper Still at Work

Bob Boltz.

Today’s that ‘SPECIAL’ day for Bob Boltz.  As profiled a few years ago, February 6, 1974 was the long-ago starting point for Bob’s career at Peiffer Machine Services. On this sunny Monday morning forty-three years later, I was greeted by…

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Out with the New, In with the Old

Peiffer Machine technicians in machine shop.

Huh? It’s THAT time of year when everyone’s talking about New Year’s resolutions, making improvements in their lives or homes, and ringing in the New Year. You know the old adage: ‘Out with the OLD, In with the NEW.’ At…

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Kelly Ressler in the Peiffer Shop.

What does teamwork look like where you work?  At Peiffer, it’s whatever’s required to get the job done.  Sometimes, we’re like a football team, moving en masse to achieve first downs and score a touchdown, while at other times, we…

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Happy Anniversary, Peiffer!

Robert L. Ressler.

May 1st is a special day for Peiffer People and the Ressler family, as it marks the anniversary of the day in 1974, when Robert L. Ressler purchased Peiffer Machine from its founder, Mr. Paul Peiffer.  We all owe a…

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Another Small Miracle….

Damaged VTL.

“What, if anything, can you do to help us out with this one?”  An earnest question from a customer who reported “an incident” with their 36″ Bullard VTL.  The head of the machine was crashed (into a part with a…

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The Next Generation

BCTC Grad at Work.

Every spring and fall, we take the time to participate in the Occupational Advisory Committee meetings for our local Career and Technology Centers (back in the day, we called these schools “Vo-Tech”).  We gather with the dedicated teachers and administrators…

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Saving the Droop & Rein

Droop & Rein heavy duty vertical mill in process of being repaired.

In our world, this is an epic tale of man and machine.  Ask anyone who works at Peiffer (or has worked at Peiffer) and they’ll know about this machine:  the Droop & Rein.  It’s as much a part of Peiffer’s…

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The Importance of Scraping

When we talk about skills that are essential for working on machine tools, scraping is among the most important. Fundamentally, it’s the best way to restore “flatness” to machine ways that have become worn and damaged over time. Restoring those critical surfaces—just…

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The “Original” Peiffer Employee

Bob Boltz.

This past Friday marked 41 years of service to Peiffer Machine and its customers for Bob Boltz, the “original” Peiffer employee. Forty-one years! Who among us can imagine a career that spans that amount of time with one employer? On…

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