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Machine Way Repair

Expert Restoration of Your Machine Tool’s Operation

Machine Way Repair

Expert Restoration of Your Machine Tool’s Operation

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Machine ways are fundamentally essential for proper machine tool movement and operation. Ways are the literal bedrock of your machine tool, upon/across which other critical components move back and forth, back and forth…. So, when ways become worn, the resulting problems are significant and compounded.

The good news is that most worn-down machine ways can be restored, providing many more years of reliable operation and renewed production capabilities. For this most critical type of machine tool repair, you need a team with decades of hands-on experience and skill. Trust the Peiffer team to guide your machine way repair project to a successful outcome.

Way Repair First Steps: Assessing Surfaces

The net sum of machine way wear and tear is very costly in terms of machine malfunctioning and/or loss of production. At Peiffer, we understand the urgency associated with all machine way repair projects—restoring production and precision must happen as quickly as possible. But this pace toward restoration must be balanced with attention to detail and methodical work.

Peiffer’s approach to any machine tool way repair includes a careful disassembly and inspection of all related components to ensure that ALL mating surfaces are examined, cleaned, and measured. Documenting the extent of the wear is critical to determine where, how much, and best methods for restoration to be achieved. We rely on our decades-long experience to do this as swiftly and thoroughly as possible. We will communicate our findings, recommend a budget, and guide you through the process.

Making Ways New Again: Grinding and Hand Scraping

Restoring machine ways, the right way, often requires the combined efforts of man and machine—namely grinding and hand scraping, which are the hallmarks of way repair. Depending on the work required, Peiffer may accomplish machining with our own Portable Milling Machine, in-house planer mills, OR coordinate grinding operations for larger ways with one of our highly reputable partners. We coordinate all facets of this operation as needed, including disassembly, rigging, coordinating with trucking companies and the grinding supplier itself. If needed, we can be on-site for status reports and inspections.

When it comes to hand scraping, Peiffer’s talents are top-notch and hard-earned, toiling over machine ways for days (or weeks)—whether in your shop or our own—since Peiffer’s inception in 1956. This IS our ‘bread and butter’, as they say. Whether hand scraping or power scraping, there is NO substitute for this time-honored skill and dedication to restoring machine way surfaces the right way.

Throughout the entire process, it must be ensured that the repair work itself is not introducing any additional error. Knowledge and experience, patience and attention to detail ARE the difference-makers when it comes to restoring machine tool precision.

Way Repair Final Steps: Liner and Lubrication, Fit and Check

When it comes to successful machine way repair, the finish (both literally and figuratively) is just as important as the process getting there. Attention to detail is paramount as new way liner is applied and lubrication patterns are cut and cleaned. Peiffer is well-experienced with the application of all way liner materials, including Turcite, Rulon, and Micarta. Additional hand scraping and fitting of related components (e.g. slides, clamps, gibs) may occur in succession as the process moves toward completion. Checks for alignment and test run bring the repair full circle.

Way Repair Done Right

Restoring machine ways requires decades-long knowledge, hands-on experience, and steadfast dedication to achieve the best outcome for you and your operation.  Peiffer stands ready to lend our help and expertise!

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