J&L Slant Bed Lathes – Rebuild / Retrofit

Project For a Large Aircraft Company

Peiffer completed this intensive rebuild and retrofit program for three (3) machines in six months. Click photos for more details.

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Completely rebuilt three of these machines in six months — before and after.


Getting down to bare metal casting — a complete rebuild the Peiffer way.


Rear of X/Z axis — before and after.


Spindle drive and hydraulics system — before and after.


Air and lube center, upgraded with new lubrication monitor — before and after.


Front/inside mechanics, upgraded with removable dual tool probe — before and after.


Electrical upgrades throughout — before and after.


Retrofitted with new CNC control — before and after.


New operator safety features, including safety doors, latches, chip conveyor, and drip pan
— before and after.

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“I am really glad that we decided to have you send someone out here for the install instead of installing it ourselves because it turned out to be a bit more than “plug and play”. Mike figured out the less than obvious requirements as well as a wiring issue that needed to be corrected and got us back up and running.” – Satisfied field service/repair customer