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Safety Wins!

Staff wearing "Safety Begins With Me" shirts front

Unlike many other endeavors that are celebrated this time of year with soaring statistics and crazy hoopla (can you say Super Bowl? March Madness?), SAFETY scored the biggest win at Peiffer this past year with a (drumroll, please) score of…

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Master Scraper Still at Work

Today’s that ‘SPECIAL’ day for Bob Boltz.  As profiled a few years ago, February 6, 1974 was the long-ago starting point for Bob’s career at Peiffer Machine Services. On this sunny Monday morning forty-three years later, I was greeted by…

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Happy Anniversary, Peiffer!

Robert L. Ressler

May 1st is a special day for Peiffer People and the Ressler family, as it marks the anniversary of the day in 1974, when Robert L. Ressler purchased Peiffer Machine from its founder, Mr. Paul Peiffer.  We all owe a…

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Welcome to Our World

Juxtapositions.  We see them and experience them on a daily basis at Peiffer Machine.  In our communications (paper tablets vs. laptops, corded phones vs. smart phones), with our tools (straight edges vs. lasers), in our workforce (veteran employees vs. “the…

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