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A writing tablet with a pencil and various other tools laid across it.

Juxtapositions.  We see them and experience them on a daily basis at Peiffer Machine.  In our communications (paper tablets vs. laptops, corded phones vs. smart phones), with our tools (straight edges vs. lasers), in our workforce (veteran employees vs. “the next generation”), in our work (in our shop vs. “on the road” at customer facilities), in our sphere (traveling locally vs. nationwide)–we span the ages and the technologies, embracing both worlds–old and new.  Maybe that’s part of the excitement, the challenge, the satisfaction we experience on a daily basis here at Peiffer….  working as we always have, as is necessary, to bring about solutions for our customers.  Maintaining, teaching, and preserving work processes embedded in “old world” skill and craftsmanship, while learning and investing in new world technologies.  And thus, we welcome you to something new for us:  our blog.  In these “Peiffer Posts” we’ll share insights on our work, our marketplace, and our people.  We’d love to hear from you, too.  Let us know how we’re doing, if there’s a particular topic you’d like to hear about, etc.  We’re thrilled at the prospect of this new way of making connections with our customers, old and new.  Welcome to our world!

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